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5IE571 Advanced health economics

Související stránky

Course title in Czech:  Ekonomie zdravotnictví pro pokročilé


Aims of the course:

The course covers key concepts and tools of economic analysis of health care markets, the decisions of consumers and the role of government on such markets.


Learning outcomes and competences:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

– explain the key concepts of health economics;

– apply those concepts to predict the effects of different regulation rules on economic and health outcomes;

– compare the efficiency properties of alternative regulatory mechanisms;

– describe the health care sector with selected empirical data.


Course contents:

1. Introduction, Theoretical Tools of Analysis in Health and Public Economics

2. Basic Stylized Facts of Health and Health Care and Review of Empirical Tools

 3. Public Goods, Externalities

 4. Moral Hazard, Agency and Asymmetry of Information

 5. Health Inequality and Technology

 6. Guest Lecture – Policy Maker Perspective

 7. Health Insurance I

 8. Health Insurance II

 9. Consumer Choice and Demand

10. Cost Sharing Measures


Assessment methods and criteria

  • mid-term test 30 %
  • final test 70 %
When graded 4+ student has to pass the final again and the best grade available in such a case is 3.
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