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5IE382 – Post-Totalitarianism and Political Philosophy

The course is taught in English. Classes take place every Tuesday 7:00pm – 8:30pm at CEVRO institut, Jungmannova 17, Praha 1.

The teacher is prof. Aviezer Tucker – philosopher and political scientist of Israeli origin, at the present time active at Queens University in Belfast. His interests include mainly epistemology, philosophy of science and political theory. He has published several books, among others Our Knowledge of the Past: A Philosophy of Historiography (2004) a The Philosophy and Politics of Czech Dissidence: From Patočka to Havel (2000, česky 1997).

Course outline:

1. Rights and liberties:
Berlin, Isaiah (2002) ”Two Concepts of Liberty,” in Liberty, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 166-217.

2. Civil Society and Dissent:
Vaclav Havel, Moc bezmocných.
3. Society and the state:
Ivo Mozny, Proč tak snadno?
4. 4. The Role of the Elites After Totalitarianism:
Bozóki, András (2003) “Theoretical Interpretations of Elite Change in East Central Europe,” Comparative Sociology, Vol. 2 No.1, 215-247.

5. Property Rights and Restitution.
Cowen, Tyler (2006) “How Far Back Should We Go? Why Restitution Should Be Small” in Jon Elster ed., Retribution and Reparation in the Transition to Democracy, New York: Cambridge University Press, 17-32. (available on his wesite)

6. Property Rights and Privatization:
De Soto, Hernando (2000) The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else, New York: Basic Books.

7. Libertarian Property Rights after 1989:
Friedman, Jeffrey (1991) “Postmodernism Vs. Postlibertarianism.” Critical Review 5: 145-158.
Friedman, Jeffrey (1992) “After Libertarianism: Rejoinder to Narveson, McCloskey, Flew, and Machan.” Critical Review 6: 113-152.

8. Lustration:
David, Roman (2006) “From Prague to Baghdad: Lustration Systems, Their Impact and Application,” Government & Opposition: An International Journal of Comparative Politics 41(3): 347-72.

9. Dealing with the Past After Totalitarianism
Evans, Richard J. (2002) “History, Memory, and the Law: The Historian as Expert Witness.” History and Theory 41: 326-345.

10. Totalitarian Communist Discourse:
Fidelius, Petr (1998) Rec komunistické moci, Praha: Triada.