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State Exam 5BE – Economics and Psychology

State exam covers knowledge in a range of courses:

  • 5IE362 Economics and Psychology I.
  • 5IE313 Experimental Methods in Economics
  • 5IE412 Behavioral economics

Specific topics and recommended reading are denoted below. The state exam takes the form of an oral exam (approx. 15 min.). From the published topics five stylized problems will be chosen that the student must be able to answer. During the oral part students are supposed to answer 2 questions drawn from the published topics. Based on their answers the examiner assigns a grade ranging from „good“ to „excellent“. The topics are in the following files:

1. Part: Economics and Psychology 5IE362
2. Part: Principles of Experimental Economics 5EN373/EN373
3. Part: Behavioral Economics 5IE412/5IE462