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The Department of Institutional, Environmental and Experimental Economics of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration at the University of Economics, Prague was founded in 2006. It is an international department, with about a third of its core faculty members coming from abroad. The research agenda of the faculty members spans between institutional economics, law and economics, energy economics, experimental economics and psychology. They regularly publish in international peer-reviewed journals.

The Department organizes a weekly Research Seminar Series in which academics from around the world present their new research. The Department also runs the Laboratory of Experimental Economics, a state-of-the-art facility for experimental research.

Achievements of department

Top Research – publications in top world journals

Selection of the best:

l’Haridon, O., Vieider, F., Aycinena, D., Bandur, A., Belianin, A., Cingl, L., Kothial, A., and P. Martinsson (forthcoming). Off the Charts: Massive Unexplained Heterogeneity in a Global Study of Ambiguity Attitudes. Review of Economics and Statistics, Impact Factor (IF) = 2.926, top 20 in the world

Berggren, Niclas, Jordahl, Henrik and Poutvaara, Panu (2017). The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It. Journal of Public Economics, 146(February): 79-86. Link IF=1.538

Bertoli, P. & Grembi, V. (2017) The Life Saving Effect of Hospital Proximity, Health Economics,  26(S2): 78-91. IF = 2.301

Willard A., Cingl L. (2017) Testing Theories of Secularization and Religious Belief in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Evolution & Human Behavior 38(5), 604-615 IF=3.383

Bertoli, P. &  Grembi, V.(2017) The Political Economy of the Diagnosis-Related Groups, Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 190: 38-47. IF=2.797

Cahlíková, J., & Cingl, L. (2017). Risk preferences under acute stress. Experimental Economics, 20(1), 209–236. Link  IF=2.391

Dušek, L. (2016) Selecting among Acquitted Defendants: Procedural Choice versus Selective Compensation. Comment. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 172(1), 134-137. IF=0.280

Feldman, N. E., Katuščák, P., & Kawano, L. (2016). Taxpayer confusion: Evidence from the child tax credit. American Economic Review, 106(3), 807–835. Link IF=4.026, top 10 in the world

Number of publications in total

Quality teaching – Increasing number of international students at lectures

Prestigious grant acquisition – GAČR, GDN, Neuron

Quality research – distinction of rector for prestigious publication

International environment – numbers of international researchers invited for a talk (95% foreigners)