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doc. Mgr. PhDr. Silvester van Koten, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
silvester.vankoten [at]
Office No.. : NB349
+420 224 095 561
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Research Interests

Energy economics
Environmental economics
Experimental economics

Short Bio

Silvester van Koten is an economist specializing in Energy Economics and Economics Experiments with a special interest in the economics of electricity markets, renewables and regulation.He received his Ph.D. at CERGE-EI in 2009. He also holds a MA in Psychology from Utrecht University. His present research appraises the effect of the structure of spot market prices on the forward premium in electricity markets and the effectiveness of self-regulating organisations using both theory and economics experiments. In his previous research Silvester analysed the effects of more transparent financial markets on competition and prices in the EU electricity markets, also using economics experiments. He publish in Energy Economics, Energy Policy, European Economic Review, and the European Journal of Law & Economics and presented his research at numerous international conferences such as EEA-ESEM, EARIE, ESA, EEM, and Economics of Energy Markets.


PhD (2014):M.A. Psychology: Utrecht University
PhD (2009): CERGE-EI
Associate Professor (2015): Faculty of Economics, University of Economics in Prague

Selected Publication

Van Koten, S. and Ortmann, A. (2016) Self-regulatory organizations under the shadow of governmental oversight: an experimental investigation. Experiments in Organizational Economics

Van Koten, S. and Ortmann, A. (2013) Structural versus Behavioral Remedies in the Deregulation of Electricity Markets: An Experimental Investigation Guided by Theory and Policy Concerns. European Economic Review 64, 256-265.

Van Koten, S.; Ortmann, A.; Babicky, V. (2013) Fairness in Risky Environments: Theory and Evidence. Games 4, 208-242.


5IE454 Environmental and Energy Economics
5IE470 International Trade
5IE457 Microeconomics II G
5EN454 Game Theory G
5IE253 Introduction to Environmental Economics G