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Course 55F912 – Introduction to STATA

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Dear students,
it is a pleasure to invite you to attend a new extra-semestral course „Introduction to STATA“, 55F912.
The course will provide hands-on instructions on how to work with STATA, an econometric software that is predominantly used for empirical work by economists today. All of you who do or plan to do an empirical research are strongly encouraged to attend the course. The course is required for the doctoral students who enrolled in WS 2014/2015. For all other PhD students, the course is voluntary but highly recommended.  It carries 7 credit points. The course is also voluntary but recommended for all Master students. To registrer use ISIS as extra-semestral course, capacity is limited.


Class times:
November 14, 16:15 – 19:30 PM
November 16, 16:15 – 19:30 PM
November 21, 16:15 – 19:30 PM
November 23, 16:15 – 19:30 PM
November 28, 16:15 – 19:30 PM
EXAM: December 5, 18:00 PM