5EP Economics and law

Minor field “5EP Law and Economics”

Field supervisor: Mgr. Libor Dušek, Ph.D.

Information for students starting in January 2014 („new“ students):

The minor field “Economics and the Law” has been tailored particularly for the students who concurrently study VŠE and the Law School, and for students with a general interst in the law and public policy. The field attempts to bridge the gap between two educational worlds that are all too often needlessly separated: The world of models and numbers in economics, finance, and management on the one hand, and the world of predominantly doctrinal, formalistic approach to law on the other hand. However, the law and the economy are mutually interrelated; understanding the linkages between the two is beneficial for the practitioners, policy makers, and academics from both the “law” and the “economics” worlds.
How do people and firms respond to incentive that the law gives them? Is there an underlying economic logic behind the new Czech civil code? How does the market structure affect contracts? When do the parties to a court dispute reach a settlement and when they do not? What are the economic incentives of the parties involved in a corporate bankruptcy? Does it pay to punish with a fine or prison? How to evaluate the impacts of legal regulations on the economy? This is the kind of questions addressed by the courses in the “Economics and the Law” minor field. They show how the basic concepts of microeconomics can be applied as a guidance in court decisions, interpretation of the law, or in the legislative process.

Field requirements: none

A students needs to achieve 30 ECTS credits in total according to the course structure below. The state exam is an oral exam covering the key learning outcomes from the required courses. Some courses in the “Economics and the Law” minor field are taught in English and some in Czech.

Prerequisites and other restrictions: none

Capacity per semester: unlimited

Required courses:

    • 5IE402: Economics and the Law (in Czech; lecturer: Libor Dušek, 6 credits)
    • 5IE421: Introduction to Economic Analysis of Contract and Corporate Law  (in Czech; lecturer: Tomáš Richter, 3 credits)
    • 5IE451: Competition policy and Regulation (in English; lecturer: Paola Bertoli, 6 credits)
    • 5EN456: Economics of Crime (in English; lecturer: Libor Dušek, 4 credits)

Elective courses:

    • 5IE475: Policy Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis (in English; lecturer: Klára Kalíšková)
    • 5EN451: Microeconomics II (in English; lecturer: Silvester van Koten)
    • 5IE362: Economics and Psychology (in English; lecturer: Lubomír Cingl)
    • 5IE375: Drugs and Economics(in English; lecturer: Lubomír Cingl)
    • 5IE430: F. A. Hayek Economic Teaching (in Czech; lecturer: Jan Šmíd)
    • 5IE571: Health Economics (in English; lecturer: Paola Bertoli)
    • 5IE460: Economics of Religion (in English; lecturer: Lubomír Cingl)
    • 5IE454: Environmental and Energy Economics (in English; lecturer: Silvester van Koten)
    • 5EN457: Applied Quantitative Methods II (in English; lecturer: Klára Kalíšková)
    • 5PR425: e-Government (in Czech; lecturer: Tomáš Lechner)
    • 5PR422: Internet and Communication Law (in Czech; lecturer: Radek Jurčík)
    • 5PR421: Elements of Public Law for Entrepreneurs (in Czech; lecturer: Radek Jurčík)
    • 5PR402: Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure (in Czech; lecturer: Tomáš Louda)

and several other selected courses offered by the Departments of Economics, Institutional Economics, and Law

Minor Field State Exam:

The Minor Field State Exam consists of written exam that tests the key concepts covered in the required courses of the minor field.

The official structure of the minor field and the field requirements can be found in the InSIS here.

Information for students who registered for the minor field prior to September 2013 (“old” students): The content of the Minor Field State Exam will be determined on an individual basis depending on which courses the student passed under the “old” and “new” layout of the minor field. Please feel free to contact the minor field supervisor with your individual requests.