5BE Economics and psychology

Minor field “5Be Economics and Psychology”

Field supervisor: PhDr. Lubomír Cingl, Ph.D.

Minor field description

Do you want to understand how people really make their decisions? Do you want to know why people give money to charity, why they cooperate and trust each other, but also which policies are successful while other fail, or why there are bubbles on stock markets? The minor “Economics and Psychology” (VS 5BE) offers you new and surprising insights into the human nature uncovered recently by scientists in the area of behavioral economics and related fields. The Department of Institutional, Environmental and Experimental Economics is giving you a chance to discover this rapidly growing area of economics in a set of courses delivered in English by skilled lecturers who also produce high-quality research in the field. The required courses enable students to develop full understanding of the key concepts and the intuition behind them rather than to remember abstract mathematical formulas, while the elective courses provide an opportunity to deepen the knowledge of specific topics, including data analysis and quantitative research. Moreover, during lectures and seminars you will improve your critical and analytic thinking in an international environment. Understanding the principles of human decision making is fully applicable both in your private life and your future career: it allows you to improve the efficiency of your own decision, but your future employer will be more interested in your knowledge of e.g. how to optimize company strategies, formulate evidence-based policies, improve HR, product development and marketing practices, or to outperform others in financial markets. The skills that you, as a graduate of this program, will acquire are demanded by multinational companies in the consulting, banking, financial and energy sectors, as well as by NGOs and governmental agencies. You can also receive a firm basis for an academic career if you so choose since you may learn the advanced methodology of applied and experimental research, with which you will get hands-on experience.

Required courses:

  • 5IE362: Economics and Psychology I. (instructor: Lubomír Cingl)
  • 5IE373: Principles of experimental economics (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek)
  • 55F912: Introduction to STATA (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek, Lubomír Cingl)
  • 5IE380: Behavioral Finance (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek, TBA)
  • 5IE412: Behavioral economics (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek)

Elective courses:

  • 5IE571: Health Economics (instructor: Paola Bertoli)
  • 5EN481: Chapters from Experimental Economics (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek)
  • 5IE460: Economics of Religion (instructor: Lubomír Cingl)
  • 5IE375: Drugs in Economics (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek)
  • 5EN457: Applied Quantitative Methods II (instructor: Klára Kalíšková)

and several other selected courses offered by the Departments of Economics and Department of Institutional Economics

Minor Field State Exam:

The Minor Field State Exam consists of oral exam that tests the key concepts covered in the required courses of the minor field. The content of the Minor Field State Exam will be determined on an individual basis depending on which courses the student passed by a student according to course plan mentioned above.

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