Blokový kurz 55F450 – Matematika pro ekonomy 2 (ZS 2017)

Aims of the course:

The course focuses on supplying students with more advanced tools of economic analysis, while aiming at practical usefulness rather than theoretical robustness.

Language: English

Course contents:

Lesson 1: Linear programming (objective function, constraints, feasible region, optimal solution)

Lesson 2: Matrix algebra I (vectors, matrices, transpose matrix, addition and multiplication of matrices, determinant, Cramer’s rule)

Lesson 3: Matrix algebra II (SSR, OLS)

Lesson 4: Matrix algebra III (quadratic forms, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, definiteness of matrices)

Lesson 5: Differentiation (partial derivative, Taylor series, Jacobian matrix, Hessian matrix)

Lesson 6: Unconstrained optimization (first order conditions, second order conditions)

Lesson 7: Constrained optimization (Lagrange function, nonlinear programming, Kuhn-Tucker first order conditions)

Lesson 8: Linear difference equations (characteristic equation, stability, cobweb model, Markov system)

Lesson 9: Differential equations (separable differential equations, homogeneous and non-homogeneous linear differential equations)

Lesson 10: Dynamic analysis – continuous time (proper and improper integrals, Euler equation, Hamiltonian, necessary and sufficient conditions

Class times:

Date of Exam: to be agreed upon.

Instructor: Taghi Ghadiri Abkenar, MSc.

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