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MindReader Weekly - 62th - Cognitive consequences of having information at our fingertips and how much is the value of a face? 16.07.2011
MindReader Weekly - 61th - End-to-end analysis of the spam and does competition kill? 06.07.2011
MindReader Weekly – 60th - An eye-like painting enhances goodness and is s/he really out of my league? 30.06.2011
MindReader Weekly – 59th - A neural predictor of cultural popularity and how brain stimulation cures impulsivity 24.06.2011
MindReader Weekly – 58th - Temptation and productivity, and Time and moral judgment 14.06.2011
MindReader Weekly – 57th – Shame and honor, and financial forecasts during the crisis: Were experts more accurate than laypeople? 08.06.2011
MindReader Weekly – 56th – Rain for the democracy and Prozac for depressed states? 31.05.2011
MindReader Weekly – 55th – "I had so much it didn’t seem fair" phenomenon and why positive fantasies sap energy 31.05.2011
MindReader Weekly – 54th – Does health encourage reciprocity and why do people blush? 11.05.2011
Seminář prof. Gary D. Libecap 04.05.2011
MindReader Weekly – 53th – Why are high rates of suicide in happy places and depression babies: do macroeconomic experiences affect risk taking? 02.05.2011
MindReader Weekly – 52th – The moral costs of nastiness; and emotion and reason in everyday risk perception 24.04.2011
MindReader Weekly – 51th – Are we wasting our students’ time by giving them homework and are educated men more likely to go to strip clubs? 24.04.2011
MindReader Weekly – 50th – Political preferences and stock market participation; and popular lyrics trend: from we to me. 11.04.2011
Kurz 5IE576 - Institutions, Evolution, and Economic Policies s prof. Pelikánem 01.04.2011
MindReader Weekly – 49th – Temptation at work and was Nietzsche right (that, which does not kill us can make us stronger)? 28.03.2011
MindReader Weekly – 48th – Devil-you-know-preference and how economic decision-making in poverty depletes ego 21.03.2011
MindReader Weekly – 47th – Gender differences in receptivity to sexual offers and does safe sex smell? 14.03.2011
MindReader Weekly – 46th – From the lab to the field: Cooperation among fishermen and can higher bonuses lead to less effort? 07.03.2011
MindReader Weekly - 45th - Who is happy to work more, should we outsource self-regulation and does money enhance memory? 27.02.2011
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