5IE981 – Chapters in Institutional Economics

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prof. Dr. J. François Outrevilla ( HEC Montréal, Canada)

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Social insurance, private insurance and employee benefits,

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The primary aim of this course is to introduce students to the various concepts related to the social protection of workers and strategies used by companies in their management of human risks. The secondary aim is to demonstrate to students the principles and methods of insurance, either social or private.

This course will consequently draw upon existing insurance programs in OECD countries and focus mainly on health insurance, life insurance and pension’s funds.

Upon completing the course, students will have mastered the basic notions involved in the design of insurance programs and will be able to identify the various problems linked to the social protection of workers and their families.


Students are expected to come to class prepared to actively participate in the learning process. Preparation will include reading assignments and other suggested material. Sessions will be interactive, comprised of lectures, case studies, class discussions as well as team work.




Session 1:    Risk definition, risk behavior, risk management and the role of firms and governments.

Session 2:    Social insurance, private insurance and the organization of social protection.

Session 3:    Insurance concepts applied to social or private insurance.

Session 4:    The health risk: health insurance and worker’s compensation

Session 5:    A case study on health insurance practices

Session 6:    Death benefits: life insurance principles

Session 7:    Insurance concepts: funding social or private programs

Session 8:    Retirement benefits and pension’s funds

Session 9:    Long term care

Session 10: The choice of the social protection system



Articles and/or book chapters will be provided at the beginning of the course

If you read French: (covers all sessions of the course)

Outreville, J.F. (2011),  Protection sociale et assurances collectives: concepts, théorie et gestion financière, Paris: Edilivre.

In English: (covers only sessions related to insurance theory and practice)

Outreville, J.F. (1998), Theory and Practice of Insurance, Boston: Kluwer A.P.