5EN481 – Chapter from Experimental Economics

This Winter (2012/2013 Semester) there will be 3 professors teaching experimental economics:

  • 15.10-19.10. Maria Bigoni: z-Tree programming for experimental research
  • 28.11-7.12. Maroš Servátka: TBA
  • 26.11-30.11. Silvester van Koten: Energy Economics

In order to attend (no prerequisitions or extra continuity) one, two, or all three professors you have to enroll the extra-semestral course 5EN481 in ISIS and you can get 4 ECTS for each of the part course, i.e. 4, 8, or in case you will attend and pass all the 3 professors you will get total 12 ECTS. In the first wave, there will be opportunity to attend M. Bigoni’s seminar. In the second wave in November you can choose which proffesor you will attend (Servatka or Koten).

Maroš Servátka: 28.11-7.12.

Information TBA

Silvester van Koten: Energy Economics

Course Director in REMIT for the Florence School of Regulation,

European University Institute, Florence, Italy

  •  26th – 30th November 2012
  • 9 – 12 a.m. NB35a


  1. Basics of energy

–       Electricity

–       Oil

–       Gas


  1. Energy markets

–       Dispatch & bidding

–       Competition & the problem of market power

–       Market structure & Financial Trading


  1. Renewables and the EU Emission Trading System

–       The EU 20-20-20 targets

–       Cap and trade system

–       Renewables obligation & incentives (feed-in tariffs)

–       Interaction between ETS and renewables programs


Main textbook:

–       D.Edwards, Energy trading & investing: trading, risk Management, and structuring deals in the energy Markets. 2010


Excerpts from:

–       Daniel Kirschen, Goran Strbac, Fundamentals of Power System Economics. 2004.

–       Steven Soft, Power System Economics: Designing Markets for Electricity. 2002

Maria Bigoni: z-Tree programming for experimental research

Additional materials and articles will be provided in class.

This is an official page for the course of Maria Bigoni at the LEE from October 15th through October 19th, 2012, in z-Tree programming for experimental research. This course can be attended by students of the UEP, Charles University and CERGE-EI (these three institutions may grant credit based upon succesfull pass) and by students from other universities upon invitation of the LEE (credit for succesful pass is out of reach for such participants unless they manage to get credit by their own initiative at their respective universities). Identification numbers and name of the course at each of partcipating institutions can be found at the LEE web page in the „Education“ section or at the respective web pages of participating institutions.