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Minor 5BE Economics and Psychology

Information for students starting in September 2013:

Minor field will continue with current students only. New students will not be accepted for now.


Minor filed description

Courses represent current knowledge from behavioral sciences (economics, psychology, cognitive sciences, biology, etc.) putting emphasis on economic point of view. Acquired knowledge and analytical skills fit perfectly to positions in management, marketing and advertising, consulting and media. Minor specialization graduates become also excellent candidates for positions in public sector and international organizations. Students considering their professional career as academics would suit the specialization perfectly. Its graduates get recent knowledge from modern theories of perception, decision making and human behavior. Apart from the multidisciplinary theoretical approach students also get basics of experimental research, statistical data processing and interpretation. Graduate students are capable of taking a professional stand on complex economic problems and on disparate motives of human behavior.


Required courses:

5IE362: Econmics and Psychology I.; can be substituted with 5IE453: Social Systems Theory (instructor: Nargiza Alimukhamedova)
5IE313: Praktikum z experimentálních metod v ekonomii (instructor: Tomáš Lichard)
5IE455: Behavioral law and Economics; can be substituted with 5IE452: Economics and the Law (instructor: Libor Dušek)
5IE412: Behavioral economics (instructor: Tomáš Miklánek)


Elective courses:

5EN373: Principles of experimental economics (instructor: Silvester Van Koten)
5IE571: Health Economics (instructor: Michal Zdeněk)
5IE375: Drugs in Economics (instructor: Vendula Běláčková)
5EN456: Applied Quantitative Methods II (instructor: Filip Pertold)
and several other selected courses offered by the Departments of Economics and Department of Institutional Economics


Minor Field State Exam:

The Minor Field State Exam consists of oral exam that tests the key concepts covered in the required courses of the minor field. The content of the Minor Field State Exam will be determined on an individual basis depending on which courses the student passed by a student according to course plan mentioned above.

Basic information is here.


* The minor specialization was created with the support of the European Social Fund and Prague & EU: Investing in your future.