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Niclas Berggren, Ph.D.


Docent (title of Associate Professor), Stockholm School of Economics, 2005
PhD, Stockholm School of Economics, 1997


  • The effects of economic and political institutions (using the economic freedom index as measurement; property rights; constitutional economics).
  • The effects of social institutions (social capital and trust; religion).
  • Economic philosophy (Buchanan’s contractarian philosophy; Buchanan’s generality principle; ethical subjectivism, legal positivism and basic economic institutions such as property rights).
  • The role of beauty in politics.


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Berggren, Niclas, Bergh, Andreas and Bjørnskov, Christian (2011). „The Growth Effects of Institutional Instability“, Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming. Send an e-mail for the final version.

Berggren, Niclas (2011). „Time for Behavioral Political Economy? An Analysis of Articles in Behavioral Economics“, Review of Austrian Economics, forthcoming. Link.

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Work in progress

Berggren, Niclas and Bjørnskov, Christian. „Does Religiosity Promote Property Rights and the Rule of Law?“ Send an e-mail for the most recent version.

Berggren, Niclas, Daunfeldt, Sven-Olov and Hellström, Jörgen. „Social Trust and Central-Bank Independence.“ Send an e-mail for the most recent version.

Berggren, Niclas, Jordahl, Henrik and Poutvaara, Panu. „The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Their Voters Reward It.“ Send an e-mail for the most recent version.

Berggren, Niclas and Nilsson, Therese. „Does Economic Freedom Foster Tolerance?“. Send an e-mail for the most recent version.

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