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Faculty members


doc. Niclas Berggren, Ph.D.

Institutional Economics and Public Choice
Economics of Choice
Economics of Religion
Constitutional Economics
The role of beauty in politics




Paola Bertoli, Ph.D.

Economics of law
Health economics
Competition and regulation




PhDr. Lubomír Cingl, Ph.D.

Deputy Department Chair

Experimental and behavioral economics
Economics of religion
Economics and psychology
Game theory





doc. Mgr. Libor Dušek, Ph.D.
Department Chair

Law and economics
Institutional economics
Economics of crime




Ing. Erik Geuss, Ph.D.

Environmental Economics







† doc. Tomáš Ježek, CSc.

History of the Czech transformation process and privatization
Financial institutes and laws regulating their status in czech and EU law
Administration and management of joint stock companies
Enforcement of law on financial market – alternative approaches
Administration and management of non-profit organisations





MUDr. Roman Joch

Teorie politických ideologií








Ing. Jana Kalabisová, Ph.D.

Environmental Economics



PhDr. Klára Kalíšková, Ph.D.

Labor Economics
Applied Microeconometrics






doc. Mgr. PhDr. Silvester van Koten, Ph.D.
Energy economics
Environmental economics
Experimental economics





JUDr. Michaela Kozlová



Ing. Tomáš Miklánek

Behavioral Economics
Experimental Economics






prof. Ing. Pavel Pelikán, CSc.

Institutional economics
Evolutionary and developmental processes
Theories of information and human cognition
Analysis of economic policies




Jan Šmíd, Ph.D.

Political studies
Political philosophy
History of political thought
Political ideologies






Nargiza Alimukhamedova, Ph.D. personal page CERGE-EI On leave
Tomáš Cvrček, Ph.D. personal page Vanderbilt University, Yale University, IES FSV UK NB 313 224 095 570
Tomáš Lichard, Ph.D. personal page CERGE-EI, EU BA NB 313 224 095 640
Josef Montag, Ph.D. osobní stránka University of Torino, VŠE NB 313 224 095 570
Alex Klein, Ph.D. osobní stránka School of Economics, University of Kent NB 315 224 095 505
Therese Nilsson, Ph.D. osobní stránka Lund University NB 315 224 095 505
Peter Katuščák, Ph.D. osobní stránka University of Michigan, CEU NB 363 224 095 570
Veronica Grembi, Ph.D. personal page NB 316

224 095 561

Miroslav Zajíček, Ph.D. personal page University of Chicago, PF UK, VŠE On leave