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29.9.2017 - Děkanský den

29.9.2017 15:00 - Děkanský den

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ČEPS Corporate Chair

CEPS_logo_2008ČEPS Corporate Chair position is currently held by doc. Silvester van Koten, Ph.D.


Snímka obrazovky 2014-10-21 o 12.03.18 I am an economist specializing in Energy Economics and Economics Experiments with a special interest in the economics of electricity markets, renewables and regulation.I received my Ph.D. at CERGE-EI in 2009. I also hold a MA in Psychology from Utrecht University. My present research appraises the effect of the structure of spot market prices on the forward premium in electricity markets and the effectiveness of self-regulating organisations using both theory and economics experiments. In my previous research I analysed the effects of more transparent financial markets on competition and prices in the EU electricity markets, also using economics experiments. I publish in Energy Economics, Energy Policy, European Economic Review, and the European Journal of Law & Economics and presented my research at numerous international conferences such as EEA-ESEM, EARIE, ESA, EEM, and Economics of Energy Markets (see for more details).