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MindReader Weekly - 12th - Infections as a determinant of national IQ and is neuroeconomics hype or hope? 05.07.2010
MindReader Weekly - 11th - [Summer reading list] and why you should always carry heavy objects with you 29.06.2010
MindReader Weekly - 10th - Why your boss is probably a psychopath and a cost-effective way for seducing women 21.06.2010
MindReader Weekly - 9th - Why you shouldn't go to a hospital in July and environmental behavioral economics 14.06.2010
MindReader Weekly - 8th - How superstitions improve performance and why wealth destroys all the fun 08.06.2010
MindReader Weekly - 7th - How IMF creates civil wars and why a marriage is for a woman just an asset in her portfolio 01.06.2010
Ed Dolan's Econ Blog 28.05.2010
MindReader Weekly - 6th - You're right if you don't trust an paroubekesque type of people and why marrying for love is good for the economy 24.05.2010
MindReader Weekly - 5th - Why you shouldn't give alcohol to big guys, but why being one is good for your income and when wage regulation can be deadly 18.05.2010
MindReader Weekly - 4th - Why our university should heat us up a bit more and how thinking experientially solves "treadmill of consumerism" 10.05.2010
MindReader Weekly - 3rd - Where beer shouldn't be consumed and why you can't be happier than your wife. 03.05.2010
MindReader Weekly - 2nd - Westerners are more impulsive, and power is like counterfeit products. 26.04.2010
MindReader Weekly - 1st - Why economists should study meteorology and when more competitors mean less competition. 22.04.2010
Nový working paper: Ivana Ryvolová - Ekonomie větrné energetiky v podmínkách České republiky 15.04.2010
Nové working papery Pavla Potužáka 01.04.2010
Workshop 6. dubna: Předmět zkoumání ekonomie: co ekonomové umí říci a o čem musí mlčet 30.03.2010
Tři nové WP Pavla Pelikána a Davida Lipky 30.03.2010
Zapisujte si nový kurs prof. Pavla Pelikána! 22.03.2010
Umíte jednat s lidmi? Pokud ne, přihlašte se na nový kurs 5IE333. 16.03.2010
Nový working paper KIE: Pavel Chalupníček: "No One Can Serve Two Masters" - Is There a Conflict between Economics and Christianity in the Minds of Young Christian Economists? 10.03.2010
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