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MindReader Weekly - 26th - How decisions shape preference and why former athletes are better managers 15.10.2010
Pavel Chalupníček: The CAPITAL in Social Capital - An Austrian Perspective (publikace v American Journal of Economics and Sociology) 13.10.2010
Seminář s Prof. Johnem Walshem 12.10.2010
MindReader Weekly - 25th - Why you could buy happiness and why it pays to be thin 10.10.2010
MindReader Weekly - 24th - Why intelligent people don’t make groups smarter and why firms should promote employees at random 02.10.2010
Workshop 5. října: Prof. Pavel Pelikán: Darwinismus v ekonomii: Jak mohou principy Darwinismu pomoci chápat vývoj a rozvoj ekonomik 27.09.2010
MindReader Weekly - 23th - Why swearing can be used as a medicine and why there is almost no relationship between pay and job satisfaction 25.09.2010
Pavel Pelikán for Financial Times: The stimulus vs. austerity debate reminds of medieval medicine 20.09.2010
MindReader Weekly - 22th - How to measure nation's flow of welfare and the commercialization of meteorology 16.09.2010
10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly 08.09.2010
MindReader Weekly - 21th - The importance of being an optimist and how drinking impairs college performance 04.09.2010
MindReader Weekly - 20th - Why older workers are worthy of their pay and how Good and Evil turn the weak into the Mighty 01.09.2010
Nový paper Petera Boettkeho (GMU): The Tasks of Economics Education 31.08.2010
MindReader Weekly - 19th - Why Ramadan reduces volatility in markets and on inheritance of risk for anxiety 24.08.2010
MindReader Weekly - 18th - Why every group needs a psychopath and when severe punishing doesn't provide right incentives 17.08.2010
MindReader Weekly - 17th - Probability and delay discounting of sexual outcomes and how opinions of others affect us 10.08.2010
MindReader Weekly - 16th - How close family ties inhibit trust and why women reduce effort in competitive environments 03.08.2010
MindReader Weekly - 15th - Why sex could make you smarter and why in economics the singer is more important than the song 26.07.2010
MindReader Weekly - 14th - Why young people drink too much and people forced to be busy are happier 19.07.2010
MindReader Weekly - 13th - Why men should marry educated women and if you experience pain from social rejection, use Paralen 12.07.2010
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